May 20, 2022Carelia Grill
A real classic - Carelia Grill® signature burger. A unique combination of flavors, this is perhaps one of those meals that everyone should try. Juicy cheese patty and spicy pickles pair perfectly on a toasted bun! With this recipe, you'll make five delicious burgers.


You'll need:

1 kg ground beef

2 eggs

olive oil

5 burger buns

cheddar cheese

ranch dressing

1 red onion

2 pickles

salt and pepper


Here's how you make it: 

Add the eggs to the minced meat. Then add some salt and pepper, and mix thoroughly.

Divide the burger mince into five equal portions and form into five 2.5 cm thick patties with wet hands or use Carelia Grill® Burger press. Place on a parchment-lined tray and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Preheat Carelia Grill® Cast iron pan. Add the burgers and cook, turning every two minutes, until desired doneness. Then put some cheese on the burgers and start frying the buns on the grill from the cut side - literally for ten seconds, otherwise they will burn!

Classic burgers of Carelia Grill® are usually assembled like this: spread ranch dressing on the bottom bun, then chopped onions and pickles. Place our cheeseburgers on the top bun. And now put it all together.




For this recipe, we used the model 9k80 high but you can use any other grill of Carelia Grill®.

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