Carelia Grill® Together for More Sustainable Development

Our values are strongly guided by responsible and sustainable development. Carelia Grill® products are designed to use locally produced, clean wood. Wood burning is designed to be efficient in Carelia Grill® products. The high air intake ensures clean combustion while minimising emissions and fine particles from combustion. Efficient combustion also reduces the potential for smoking. Locally produced wood is the most environmentally friendly barbecue fuel because it has a low or even negative carbon footprint. This can be compared to charcoal produced in the Far East or America, or alternatively LPG, which require environmentally heavy production and therefore have a much larger carbon footprint. In addition, whenever fuel is imported from further afield, transport distances also increase the carbon footprint.

Locally grown and clean-burning wood minimises emissions and is naturally renewable, recyclable and absorbs high levels of carbon dioxide as it grows. Not forgetting, of course, the invincible taste of real barbecue food and grillables that is given to them by pure wood.


We act in a truly responsible manner and comply strictly with all the laws and requirements that apply to our business. Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do. At Carelia Grill®, we are committed to continuously improving our production, operations, products and of course our personnel. We operate under an environmental permit, which ensures that our processes comply with the regulations specified in the environmental permit. However, it is not enough just to comply with environmental permit conditions; we also pay particular attention to sustainable development. The aim is to minimise the company's environmental impact, for example by gradually switching to renewable energy sources, choosing more environmentally friendly materials, and improving the recycling and reuse of materials. Furthermore, the powder coating used in our fireplaces is environmentally friendly, unlike wet paints, which contain harmful solvents. Powder coating does not release harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the environment. Moreover, the chosen powder coatings are safe for cooking and no harmful substances are released during use. Carefully selected raw materials and materials result in a product with high standards and high quality, which as such prolongs the product life and thus supports sustainability.

In addition to environmental issues, Carelia Grill® contributes to social sustainability. We contribute to the wellbeing of the local community, for example by supporting leisure and voluntary activities related to the wellbeing of young people.





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