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Online Store Terms and Conditions

PLEASE NOTE: All orders above €99 include free shipping within Europe.

(except for Finland and for a limited time only)

1. Contracting Parties

This contract contains the terms and conditions governing the use of the online service (Service) maintained by FinEq International Oy (Service provider). In addition to what has been agreed upon in these terms, the Orgalime S 2012 general conditions, with which the buyer assures to have been acquainted with, shall be applied in a complimentary manner. The user assures having read these terms and conditions in full and agrees to be bound by them. The Service provider’s contact information:

Ensolantie 2
FI-80710 Lehmo
Suomi / Finland
Business ID: 2726485-8

2. Immaterial Rights

The Service provider retains all immaterial rights for the service and website, including copyright and adjacent rights. The rights belonging to the Service provider shall not be transferred to the users of the service even in part.

All image and text materials displayed in the online store (product photos, texts, videos, logos, tables) are the property of the Service provider or our partners. Unauthorized use or reproduction of image and text materials protected by copyright is forbidden.

3. Handling of Personal Information and Privacy

By providing personal information to the Service provider through the website, the user consents to their personal information being stored and handled for purposes related to the service or function provided on the website. The Service provider handles the personal information properly, in a manner provided and obligated by currently valid personal information legislation. The Service provider shall respect the Customer’s privacy.

The personal and other information of the Customer received via the website may be handed over to be handled by the Service provider’s partners.

The Customer has the right to examine or change their personal information stored into the customer register or remove them from the customer register. The Service Provider may use the Customer’s personal information for marketing purposes. The Customer has the right at any time to forbid the Service provider from continuing marketing to the Customer. The direct marketing prohibition and changes to contact information can be sent to info@fineq.fi.

If a user sends the Service provider the information of another person or is under 18 years of age, they must confirm that they have the consent of the person in question or their guardian to provide the personal information to the Service provider for the purposes intended by these terms and conditions.

Cookies are used on the website in order to analyze and develop the online store to better serve the Customers, and to utilize the information for the statistical monitoring of visitor numbers and various efficiency measurements for the online store’s functions. The information collected using cookies may be used to produce targeted advertising.

The Service provider shall take reasonable measures to implement the data protection level of protecting and handling the personal information. The Service provider undertakes to protect the privacy of the users of their services according to the Personal Data Act (523/1999), the Act on the Protection of Privacy in Electronic Communications (516/2004) and all other applicable legislation.

The user accepts the terms of this data protection policy by using the Service provider’s website. By using the website, the user consents to the use and storage of the cookie files related to the website.

4. Registration

Placing orders does not require registration. The Customer may, however, register for the service by using the registration form. The Service provider has the right to collect information related to the registered customers in a customer register. The Service provider may, within its discretion, prevent access to the Service to a registered user if there are reasonable doubts that the user uses the service contrary to accepted principles of morality or in breach of the law.

5. Orders and Delivery

5.1 Ordering

The Service provider retains the right to refuse an order.

A binding agreement concerning the ordering of products from the Service is created when the Service provider sends a confirmation regarding the order to the user of the Service by email to the email address that was provided in connection to the order. By ordering products, the customer accepts the terms and conditions of this agreement.

The Service provider does not have the right to change the agreement terms of an order, with the exception of obvious errors.

(Before delivery, the Customer has the right to cancel the order wholly or in part. Delivery is deemed to have happened when the buyer has been delivered a part of the order or the complete order or a notification of the order having been handed over to a carrier for delivery.)

5.2 Delivery

The Service provider purchases the delivery for the products to the customer as a purchased service and with the terms and conditions according to the law and the delivery agreement, according to the principles of which the liability regarding transport damages is determined.

The estimated delivery time for products in stock is 1–10 working days from the moment the Service provider has confirmed dispatch by email. If the customer wishes to receive the product before a certain date, a separate note of this must be made while placing the order. If the Customer purchases several products that have different delivery times, the order is delivered according to the longest notified delivery time.

The Service provider is responsible for transport delays and errors.

6. Prices and Terms of Payment

The price of a product is the price displayed in the product information on the Service’s website at the time of purchase. Potential handling, delivery, and shipping fees are added to the price. Payment is order-specific unless otherwise stated.

The Service provider retains the right to change prices and delivery fees.

When selling and transporting products to EU countries, the displayed prices include VAT according to Finnish legislation. When selling and transporting products to countries outside of the EU, the recipient of the product is responsible for any local taxes, customs duties, and other comparable costs. The Service provider will declare the actual costs of the dispatch in the accompanying documents.

7. Complaints and Returns

7.1 Returns

If the buyer is a consumer in Finland, the Consumer Protection Act shall be applied to the transaction. According to the Consumer Protection Act, the consumer has the right to cancel the order by notifying the Service provider within fourteen (14) days of receiving the order. The right of cancellation does not cover all products. The return right is limited according to the Consumer protection act. The product must be returned immediately after the order has been cancelled. The right of cancellation is valid provided that the product remains substantially unchanged.

When returning a product, the Customer has a liability of risk for the product if it has not been packaged according to instruction. Therefore, it is important that the product is packaged according to instruction and that it is not damaged during transport. The product being returned and its packaging must be in the same condition as they were at the time of reception. The product must be unused and it must be returned in undamaged original packaging. All package markings must be in place and the instructions must be included in the return shipment. It is important that protective packaging is used and that tape or other materials are not attached to the original packaging.

The Customer may return the product free of cost by using Posti’s customer return service.

When the returned product has been received and accepted, the Service provider will return the effected payment within thirty (30) days of receiving the returned product. If the product is not returned in faultless and unused condition, the Service provider has the right the deduct a sum corresponding to the reduction in value from the returned payment.

The return right for companies and communities is more restricted. Any returns by companies must be agreed upon in advance with the customer service. In case of returns, companies are liable for postage fees.

7.2 Complaints

If the product deviates from what has been agreed upon between the Customer and the Service provider or if the product otherwise does not match the description of the product provided by the Service provider, the product can be returned. A notification of an erroneous delivery or faulty product must be made immediately by email to info@fineq.fi or by mail:

FinEq International Oy
Ensolantie 2
FI-80710 Lehmo

Complaints must be delivered to the Service provider within a reasonable time from when the fault has appeared. The right of complaint only covers faults that already existed in the product at the time of delivery and the right of complaint does not cover, for example, faults caused by normal wear and tear.

Erroneous deliveries may be returned free of charge after a complaint has been made. When the returned product has been received, the Service provider shall immediately return the potential purchase price to the customer.

7.3 Shipments Damaged During Transport

During reception of shipments, it is important to examine the product for any damages during transport. The Service provider is responsible for products that are damaged or lost during delivery. Complaints related to delivery damages must be made within a reasonable time of receiving the product. After this, the delivery of a replacement product can be agreed upon.

8. Changes

Due to the nature of the Service, the Service provider has at any time the right to change the terms and conditions regarding the use of the Service and also the terms and conditions regarding individual purchases according to law.

9. Force majeure

The Service provider is not liable for delays or damages caused by delayed deliveries due to Force Majeure.

10. Compensation Liability

Due to the nature of this agreement, the Service provider is not liable for any damages to the user of the Service, subject to mandatory legal provisions. Even in this case, any claims must be presented without delay and immediately when the damage has appeared or could have been observed.

11. Resolving Conflicts

The Finnish law is applied to any conflicts or disagreements arising from this agreement.

All unsettled disagreements regarding this agreement shall be resolved by the District Court of North Carelia according to Finnish legislation, subject to mandatory place of jurisdiction or connecting factor rules. The consumer may also bring the matter to be settled by the Consumer Disputes Board.

If you have any questions please contact sales@careliagrill.com or fill your question in this form. We will reply you as soon as possible.