Breakfast Tacos

Breakfast Tacos

Jun 24, 2022Carelia Grill
In this recipe we'll show you how you're going to make a perfect breakfast meal with these Breakfast Tacos à la Carelia Grill. The combination of grilled chicken, juicy vegetables, scrambled eggs, and crispy bacon is simply fantastic. Try them on an unhurried weekend morning - and enjoy! 😋


For 4 tacos 


You'll need:

4 tortillas for tacos

280 g chicken breast fillet

4 bacon stripes

4 eggs

1/2 sweet pepper

garlic mayo

BBQ sauce 

12 cherry tomatoes

parsley as a garnish

salt and pepper


Here's how you make them:

If you're cooking on your own, then just follow the recipe. But if there are friends nearby, ask them to help you so you can cook all the ingredients required for cooking at the same time - this is much faster and also cooking with friends is a fun pastime 😊

Deseed peppers and lightly grill with cherry tomatoes without oil.

Salt and pepper the chicken fillet and add your favorite chicken spices to taste. Then fry chicken on a well heated grill.

Beat eggs and fry on the grill. At the same time fry bacon stripes until crispy.

Assembling tacos: Heat the tortillas on the grill on one side, put the diced chicken fillet on top, and pour the BBQ sauce on the chicken. Then add the diced pepper and cherry tomato halves, pour over the garlic sauce, and decorate with a slice of bacon and parsley.




For this recipe, we used Carelia Grill® Rondo, but alternatively you can use any other grill of Carelia Grill with a grilling level or griddle.

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