Carelia Grill
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  • CARELIA GRILL® 9K-100 Lifting mechanisms are comfortable and easy-to-use lifting devices with continuous adjustment. They are most optimal when it comes to setting heat intensity.

    How do they work? You turn the handle and raise or lower the skillet. Simple! The bearing system ensures smooth adjustment even under heavy loads. Suitable for all grills with 3.5 cm diameter skillet pipes.

    All our products have a 24 months guarantee.

    Buy a piece of true Karelian identity to your home or summer house.

    Carelia Grill® – Enjoy the lifestyle

  • 1 piece set:

    • 1 lifting mechanism with continous adjustment
    • 1 stainless steel skillet pipe
    • 1 large skillet with grid

    3 piece set:

    • 3 pcs lifting mechanisms with continous adjustment
    • 3 pcs stainless steel skillet pipes
    • 2 pcs large skillets with grid