Carelia Grill
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  • Install your Carelia Grill indoors with this compatible chimney kit. The total length of this chimney is 1.5 meters. Now you can enjoy the ambiance of an open fire smoke free in a kota grill cabin, bbq hut, gazebo or any other enclosed building or under a canopy.

    Compatible with all the following Carelia Grill models: 9K-80 and 9K-100. Note that the penetration pipe included in this kit is single-walled and non-insulated, which can only be used in non-insulated buildings or buildings without a dropped ceiling. For a building with heat insulation or a dropped ceiling, we can make a custom-made, double walled pipe to order - ask for an offer!

    If you're planning to have an insulated penetration pipe, we recommend that you first consult your local fire safety authority.

    All our products have a 24 months guarantee.

    Equip your grilling environment with a little Karelian lifestyle.

    Carelia Grill® – Enjoy the lifestyle

  • Material:

    powder-coated galvanized steel, colour black


    • penetration pipe Ø 36 cm
    • 2 flue pipes: one of 1 m, the other of 0.5 m
    • 2 flue pipes (one of 1 m, the other of 0.5 m)
    • a penetration pipe with a flashing and a storm collar