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  • CARELIA GRILL® RONDO is a true dream for your garden. An impressive and durable fireplace for ambiance and heat as well as for real fire cooking. This plancha grill combines the showiness of an atmospheric fireplace with the best features of a multi-purpose outdoor grill. The spacious plancha plate can be used to prepare a variety of delicacies even for a larger group.

    RONDO is equipped with a removable grate and ash pan, which make it simple to adjust the air circulation. The hearth is easy to clean and clear of combustion debris. The standard equipment also includes a centre grating with support legs, which can be used to hold pans or pots over the fire, for example.

    The grill plate conveniently accommodates two blazing boards (optional accessory), which allows you to grill and prepare blazing salmon at the same time. Sturdy side tables (optional) provide much-needed extra space while grilling. A separately available safety frame helps to prevent food from falling into the hearth.

    All our products have a 2-year guarantee.

    Bring a piece of true Karelian identity to your home or summer house.

    Carelia Grill® – Enjoy the lifestyle

  • Materials:

    powder-coated steel

    carbon steel

    stainless steel


    • round fireplace Ø 85 cm, thickness 2,5 mm
    • working height 85 cm
    • circle plancha plate of 8 mm thick steel
    • plancha plate
    • cooking grid with stand
    • fire iron
    • grate
    • ash pan