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  • Carelia Grill® 9K-80 High is a superb option for everyone who enjoys outdoor activities with their loved ones. Likewise, it is suitable for fans of cooking in the lap of nature. The working height of the grill makes up 85 cm, which is a convenient height to cook standing.

    This grill can be placed as it is outdoors, in the garden or backyard. Alternatively, you can install it into a bbq hut or grill cabin by using a seperately available chimney pipes. We manufacture all Carelia Grill products by applying the best Finnish materials in their production. Our grills are durable and weatherproof since they have been designed with a primary objective to be resistant to heavy wear and extreme conditions.

    With the help of a variety of accessories and various attributes for cooking, you can bring to life the most ambitious culinary fantasies. Whether it comes to delicious meat steaks, blazing salmon, crispy grilled vegetables, sweet pancakes, or aromatic camping coffee and tea. It is your lab for conducting different cooking experiments. For additional counter space, you can have the compatible side tables for your grill.

    2 year warranty

    Bring a piece of true Karelian culture to your home or summer house.

    Carelia Grill® – Enjoy the lifestyle

  • Materials:

    steel with powder paint coating, fireplace and grilling levels with heat resistant powder coating


    • nonagonal fireplace Ø 80 cm, thickness 3 mm
    • weight:
      • with hood 85 kg
      • without hood 65 kg
    • working height 85 cm
    • overall height:
      • with hood 235 cm
      • without hood 145 cm
    • hood Ø 94 cm
    • 2 turning grilling levels
    • coffee pot hook
    • black wooden handles 3 pcs
    • support tubes 3 pcs
    • blazing boards 2 pcs
    • cast iron pan
    • grill rack Ø 38 cm
    • fire iron
    • grate
    • ash drawer
    • pins 6 pcs