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  • Where there's active recreation with our loved ones, there the food also plays an important role. A meal prepared on real fire has a refined, unbeatable smoky taste, which is to be enjoyed in a good company at the lap of nature. Carelia Grill 9K-80 High Premium has been designed to be the centre of the gatherings: it not only functions as a multipurpose cooking station, but it also provides the warm ambiance of a fireplace.

    This grill/fireplace is easy to use - its working height makes up 85 cm, which allows you to cook standing. The premium equipment includes convenient lifting mechanisms with stepless adjustment as well as durable support tubes of stainless steel.

    9K-80 High Premium can be placed as such outdoors. Alternatively, you can install it indoors, e.g. in a bbq hut or grill cabin. Before the indoor installation, make sure to have a compatible set of chimney pipes as well as floor protection plates to ensure fire safety. As all Carelia Grill products, also 9K-80 High Premium is made of superior Finnish materials that have been selected with a chief objective to resist heavy wear and extreme conditions.

    There is a wide range of accessories for cooking, which allow you to bring the most daring culinary fantasies to life. Juicy meat, blazing salmon, grilled vegetables, sweet pancakes, or aromatic camping coffee - just to name a few. Any experimentation is possible with this grill.

    All our products have a 24 months guarantee.

    Add a piece of true Karelian identity to your home or summer house.

    Carelia Grill® – Enjoy the lifestyle

  • Materials:

    steel with powder paint coating, fireplace and grilling levels with heat resistant powder coating


    • nonagonal fireplace Ø 80 cm
    • thickness 3 mm
    • weight:
      • with hood 85 kg
      • without hood 65 kg
    • working height 85 cm
    • overall height:
      • with hood 235 cm
      • without hood 145 cm
    • hood Ø 94 cm
    • 2 big turning grilling levels
    • coffee pot hook
    • lifting mechanisms 3 pcs
    • stainless-steel support tubes 3 pcs
    • blazing boards 2 pcs
    • cast iron pan
    • grill rack Ø 38 cm
    • fire iron
    • grate
    • ash drawer