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  • CARELIA GRILL® BBQ Smoker proudly represents North Karelian metal craftsmanship in form of a sturdy and modern, wood-fired smoker grill. Intended for smoking and slow cooking, but can also be used for grilling, searing, and roasting when used with the compatible charcoal tray (separate accessory).

    Features a firm hinged lid with an integrated thermometer. See at the ambient fire and embers through the glass of the firebox. The temperature and air circulation can be adjusted by the dual dampers and also by the removable ash pan. In the bottom part, there is plenty of storage space behind the doors. The smoker can be moved on its four wheels, two of which are swivelling.

    2 year warranty

    Bring a piece of true Karelian culture to your home or summer house.

    Carelia Grill® – Enjoy the Lifestyle

  • Material:

    • powder-coated steel with heat resistant coating
    • colour black


    • 45 x 160 x 162 cm
    • height without chimney 116 cm
    • 100 kg
    • cooking space
    • firebox
    • stainless-steel grates
    • chimney pipe
    • integrated thermometer