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New product family has been born

Carelia Grill is now CARELIA®. The Finnish CARELIA® product family includes high-quality open fireplaces and other products for outdoor entertaining and grilling . We're continuously developing our products and our product range will expand to garden furniture and other related accessories. The idea behind our products is to combine metal, wood and glass in a versatile and interesting way.

Patio furniture and fireplaces

Products for everyday life and parties

Carelia® + Firehut®

The magical atmosphere of a fireplace made under the Northern Lights is combined with the rugged landscape of North Karelia, as the Finnish company FinEq International Oy from Kontiolahti has acquired the business of Firehut® grills and expands the product range with the brand-new Carelia® product family. FinEq International Oy has acquired Stac Products Oy Ltd's  Firehut® grill business with its model and trademark rights. Through the business transaction, the Firehut® products become part of the new Carelia® product family and will be manufactured in Kontiolahti from now on.

Firehut® products are versatile open fireplaces that can be used for grilling, smoking, stewing, or frying. Firehut® fireplaces are made of weather-resistant Cor-ten® metal. "We felt that Firehut's story and products are a natural fit for the Carelia® product family. They both combine the exoticness of Lapland and North Karelia," says Ville Hämäläinen, the CEO of FinEq International Oy . "We start manufacturing Firehut® products in our own factory in Kontiolahti. We'll actively market our products to the international markets without forgetting the domestic market, which is important to us. There's interest in our products especially in Central Europe and the goal is to find new dealers."

"A real fire lights more than just a grill – it awakens your soul to an adventure of flavors."

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