Carelia Grill
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  • The purpose of the penetration pipe is to ensure a safe distance between the hot flue pipe passing through the roof and the roof structures. The penetration pipe is to be inserted through a hole in the roof from the outside into the building so that it will hang on its flashing collar on the roof ridge. The chimney pipes will then be passed through the penetration pipe from the outside to the inside of the building and attached to the Carelia Grill® Smoke Hood.

    Note that this penetration pipe is single-wall and non-insulated, and therefore suitable only for non-insulated buildings or buildings without a dropped ceiling. For a building with heat insulation or a dropped ceiling, you'll need a custom-made, double walled penetration pipe. We can make it to order - ask for an offer!

    If you're planning to have a fire-insulated penetration pipe, we recommend that you first consult your local fire safety authority.

    2 year warranty

    Equip your grilling environment with a little Karelian identity.

    Carelia Grill® – Enjoy the lifestyle

  • Material:

    powder-coated galvanized steel

    colour black