Our Carelia® products are manufactured in North
Karelia, in the midst of coniferous forests and rugged cliffs. Our passion wells from the Karelian nature and culture. We manufacture our products with Karelian spirit and pride, preserving traditions and values. The cheerful and spirited Karelians have always gathered to celebrate together with songs and food.

What could be better than a meal prepared outside, in front of an open fire? The perfect day off is made of the warmth of a summer evening, bird song, a beautiful landscape, the fresh outdoors, and delicious food. An essential part of enjoying the outdoors is an open fire. A roaring fire invites people to warm up, share stories, and cook food. 

The Carelia Grill® range of products includes
multi-purpose open fireplaces and grills manufactured from steel, which are suitable for both warm summer days as well as the darkening fall evenings. With the versatile products you can cook tasty meals for your friends and family, for example, in addition to delicious meat dishes and vegetables you can also serve sweet pancakes or juicy salmon cooked over fire. Sitting by the fire, you can also brew a pot of coffee and enjoy the rich taste, drifting far away from
the daily grind.

Carelia Grill® is an excellent choice to enhance the ambiance at your summer house. You can gaze at the lake, listening to the crackling fire and the lapping waves. An open fire creates warmth and protection in the darkening night. The crackle of the open fire, its glowing light and warmth have attracted and gathered people together for thousands of years, with spears having been put away as the flickering flames soothed the minds of the hunter-gatherers. Our vision is to bring this fine communal tradition of
passing the time and relaxing to the current day.

Carelia Grill® is an excellent choice if you enjoy the outdoors, cooking, and spending time with your friends and family. All of our products are handmade and manufactured with respect towards the environment and our customers. Our products meet the highest quality standards, are easy to use and guaranteed to have been manufactured in Finland. Take a look at our range and bring a piece of true Karelian identity to your home or summer house.

– Enjoy the lifestyle