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  • Are you fond of active recreation with your close ones and take every opportunity to spend time outdoors? If you do, you should try out CARELIA GRILL® 9K-100 Low - we're sure you'll like it.

    The extended hearth size of the 9K-100 collection increases the heat and light outcome significantly. 9K-100 Low is primarily used for cooking, but also functions as a fireplace. It will add comfort and warmth around you. The fireplace can be installed as it is outdoors, in the garden or backyard. With a seperate set of chimney pipes, you can install the grill indoors, e.g. in a bbq hut or grill cabin. If the structure has a wooden floor, it must be protected using a steel floor plate (sold separately).

    Thanks to the versatile features of 9K-100 Low, it can be used to cook delicious meals with both meat dishes and vegetables, sweet pancakes, campfire coffee, and juicy blazing salmon. The fireplace is equipped with a hood, rain cap, and a variety of complementary accessories. Carelia Grill products are manufactured by using the best Finnish materials and they are built to last.

    All our products have a 24 months guarantee.

    Add a piece of true Karelian identity to your home or summer house.

    Carelia Grill® – Enjoy the lifestyle

  • Materials:

    steel with powder paint coating, fireplace and grilling levels with heat resistant powder coating


    • nonagonal fireplace Ø 96 cm
    • thickness of the hearth 3 mm
    • weight:
      • with hood 95 kg
      • without hood 75 kg
    • working height 50 cm
    • overall height:
      • with hood 200 cm
      • without hood 115 cm
    • hood Ø 104 cm
    • 2 turning grilling levels
    • coffee pot hook
    • black wooden handles 3 pcs
    • support tubes 3 pcs
    • blazing boards 2 pcs
    • cast iron pan
    • grill rack Ø 38 cm
    • fire iron
    • grate
    • ash drawer
    • pins 6 pcs